We are here for you when accidents happen. We understand that honest mistakes do happen and we are committed to protecting your property. Therefore, we offer you the Errund Property Protection Insurance.

What is the Errund Property Protection Insurance?

Our incidence rate is 0.1%. This means there’s only 1 incident per 1,000 cleanings. While property damages are rare, we understand that you may need protection and a peace of mind.

Therefore, all cleanings after March 9, 2017 will be covered by the Errund Property Protection Insurance which will protect you against eligible damages to your properties caused by an Errund professional during an eligible cleaning.

What is an eligible damage?

An eligible damage is one that is caused by an Errund professional by accident during the course of cleaning according to our checklist. We do not cover any damages due to cleaning outside the scope of our checklist.

An example would be when a cleaning professional accidentally break the glass shelf while cleaning the inside of your refrigerator.

What is an eligible cleaning?

An eligible cleaning is defined as a cleaning that was booked through errund.com and took place after March 9, 2017, and complies with our recommended duration of cleaning.

What is the coverage amount?

Currently, we cap the claim limit to $200 due to past reported damages and we found the amount to be satisfactory for your need. We anticipate raising the claim limit in the near future.

How do you make a claim?

To file a claim, compile as much documentation as possible and email them to support@errund.com. Useful documentation and information that will help process your payment request as quickly as possible include:

  • photographs of the damage being claimed
  • receipts or some alternative evidence of the accurate fair market value or report cost
  • proof of ownership
  • any other documentation that you feel will be helpful to processing your request

What is not covered?

The Errund Property Protection Insurance should not be considered as a replacement or stand-in for homeowners, renters and office insurance. The Property Protection Insurance does not cover:

  • theft (this is often covered by renters’, homeowners’ and office’s insurance)
  • cash, securities, and jewelries
  • pets
  • personal liability
  • health issues
  • injuries

Refer to the official insurance policy here. Read also about our Satisfaction Guarantee.

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