If you have used a cleaning service or are in the process of getting a cleaning service, you have probably asked yourself should I tip my cleaner? How much do I tip? Our customers have asked us these questions many times as well.

Cleaners work harder for you than your waitresses and hairdressers. So if you usually tip your waitress and hairdresser, then we recommend tipping if you are happy with the cleaning. At Errund, tipping is not mandatory but we offer the option to tip. A majority of our customers tip their cleaner in cash after the cleaning is completed. Some of our customers do the tipping online.

However, not all cleanings require a tip.

Should I tip my cleaner for a recurring service?

If you have a cleaning professional who comes in weekly, monthly or regularly, then you don’t really have to tip. In this case, we recommend that you tip during the holidays to show your appreciation for their past weeks of good work. Think of this tip as a year-end bonus.

Should I tip my cleaner for an occasional service?

If you have a one-time or occasional cleaning, then we certainly recommend tipping your cleaning professionals. The tip represents your gratitude to the cleaners for getting rid of the accumulated dirt and dust from your personal space and making your place spick and span. It also increases the likelihood of their willingness to return to your place to clean or serve as your dedicated cleaning professional.

How much to tip?

While tipping your cleaners are encouraged, there’s no known tipping standard such as the 10-20% tip you usually leave for your waitress. But we recommend a tip between $5 and $25 depending on the length of the cleaning and how satisfied you are. That being said, we have had many cases where generous Errund customers tip in excess of $50.

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