Green cleaning has generated some buzz lately. It has various definition depending on who you ask. For some, green cleaning means using natural substances such as baking soda, vinegar and lemons to clean a place.

At Errund, our professionals see green cleaning as using environmentally and human friendly products to clean your homes and offices. Green cleaning is not so much how you clean but what you use to clean. Green cleaning minimizes the potential harm that regular cleaning chemicals may cause to your family and environment. Here’re 3 ways you can identify green cleaning products:

1. Natural/Organic Cleaning Products

Often, natural/organic cleaning products are safe for the environment and members of your household. These products are considered by most as green cleaning products. Often, they are also mild on your skin and do not leave a harsh chemical smell in your house or office. The only down side is such products are often 30-50% more expensive than regular cleaning products. But for your health and the environment, the extra cost may be worth it.

2. US Environmental Protection Agency’s Safer Choice products

The Environmental Protection Agency launched the Safer Choice program in 1992, which was originally called the Design for the Environment (DfE) program. The program aims to reduce the overall human health and environmental impact of a product. A product is only allowed to carry the Safer Choice label if each ingredient is among the safest in its ingredient class.

3. “Green” labeled products

Many cleaning products use the word “green” to label their products these days. These labels are often more expensive than regular household cleaning products but cheaper than organic cleaning solutions.

Errund will soon offer Green Cleaning products for an additional $8 instead of the the $5 regular supplies fee. Our customers can also opt to not pay any supplies fee if they have their own supplies for the cleaning professionals.


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